The Business Owner's Expert in
Commercial Real Estate

Brokers Exclusively Representing Tenants, Buyers and Occupiers.
Complexity? No problem.

Experience. Results.

Our Three Essentials


Sound advice,

no conflicts.


Unbiased, candid, 

cohesive solutions


30-year track record, extensive
contacts and relationships

WHY MERIT PARTNERS? There are many great brokers with both large and small real estate firms. BUT most have multiple conflicts of interest, serving competing parties, often in the SAME transactions: owners, developers, landlords, buyers, AND tenants too!
Our focus is you, the tenant, buyer or investor: We have NO conflicts of interest.

HOW WE DO THIS:  Our experienced team combines over 85 years of office, industrial and commercial brokerage; ground-up industrial development; multi-use redevelopment; and corporate commercial real estate law practice to negotiate effectively, eliminate hidden issues and solve commercial real estate challenges.

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